Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Time

Pic #1: Cousin Colton and Kari. Colton loves "Bebby Keddy" as he says it.
Pic #2: Our lil' pumpkin with some other pumkins.
Pic #3: One of our best family pics to date. That sunset was amazing!
You can see more pumpkin patch pics here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How do you say "No" to this?!

I mean, seriously, how do you? We're in trouble!
More pinky-pink fashion pics here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ssssh! I'm sleeping!

To see more sleepy pics, click here (but do it quietly so she doesn't wake-up).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gimme my bottle and nobody gets hurt!

Pic #1: Kari was hungry one night, so she latched onto my honker while mommy was making her bottle & commenced to start sucking!
Pic #2: Sucking even harder. I'm laughing so hard I can't move.
Pic#3: Not willing to let go. No mercy. Look how red-faced I am! Michele literally had time to make her bottle, then come take these pics - that's how long she was latched onto me!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Kari Lynne at One Month

Kyle and I have been waiting for a long time to take a professional family photo. We both believe that we were already a family before Kari Lynne ever came along but for some reason we were not able to follow through with taking a professional photo of the two of us. I think it was b/c the picture was a reminder that we had not been able to grow our family and share the love God had given the two of us with a child of our own. On Kari Lynne's one month birthday in August we went and took our first studio photograph together with Kari Lynne since our wedding day. We were both so thrilled to be able to hold our daughter and to take a picture capturing God's goodness and love for us as His child. We know we are blessed and praise Jesus for giving us the desires of our hearts. Each time we look at this picture we will remember the gift God has given us in the miracle of Kari Lynne.

To view our family photo and Kari Lynne at one month click here.

Kari Lynne's Hospital and One Week Pics

Here are just a couple of pics from when Kari was in the hospital and turned one week old. We are so in love with our beautiful daughter. Thank you for celebrating with us.

To view pictures please click here.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kari Lynne's First Swim

Over Labor Day weekend Kyle and I took Kari Lynne to Tahlequah to go swimming for the first time. We had so much fun and doesn't she look so cute?!

To view pics click here.

Kari Lynne's Fashion Show

Oh, what fun we have taking pictures of our sweet little girl. She is adorable and we can not seem to take enough pics to satisfy us. The following is a look at her in several outfits and I am sure there will be more to come.

To view pics click here.

Kari Lynne's 1st OU Football Game

Kari Lynne attended her first OU football game this past Saturday. We had so much fun and loved being able to cheer on our favorite football team with our daughter in arm. It was a great day. We also had the opportunity to see Uncle Brad (Michele's brother), Nana T, Papa B and Kevin and Carrie (Kari Lynne's name sake) and one of Angela's dear friends Molly after the game. She is in the OU band and we took pics of Kari Lynne with Molly and everyone present.

To view pics click here.


Sip and See

In August we were blessed to celebrate little Kari Lynne's arrival at a Sip and See in Ft. Gibson. Kyle's mom invited his extended family and people from her church who have prayed with us to grow our family to attned a Sip and See. We all enjoyed the treats and having the chance to see one another. Thank you for sharing in this special time with us.

To view pics click here.

Weddings, Feeding, Visits, and Gifts

Here are a few random pics all in one set. We attended two weddings in August as well as having Sydni Grace, Kari Lynne's cousin come to visit and visiting with Uncle Kelly while in Texas for cousin Colton's birthday. Uncle Kelly spoiled Kari Lynne with lots of beautiful gifts.

To view pics click here.

Cousin Colton's 2nd Birthday

Our nephew (michele's sister kd's little man) had his 2nd birthday on July 26th. Kari was almost born on his birthday. We traveled to Texas the first week of August to celebrate. We had so much fun and enjoyed seeing some of our extended family while there.

To view pics click here.

Olympics with Papa and Nana

While traveling to Tahlequah for allergy shots we stopped off at Papa B and Nana T's to catch some of the Olympics. Go USA!!!

To view pics click here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Visiting Great Grandma Smith and Nana T

Great Grandma Smith is my (Michele's Mom's Mom). I have always been close to her and called her Nanny Fern growing up. My dad was really sick when I was in the third grade (my mom had to stay with him in OKC for a couple of months) and I lived with my Nanny Fern during this time. She is really special to me. Over the years she has always been someone I could talk to and in the past few years she has prayed with me and for Kyle and I to grow our family. We are seeing answered prayer in gift of Kari Lynne. My Nanny Fern has fallen quite ill these past two years but God has allowed her to see this little miracle come to be before passing. We love you Nanny Fern. Hugs and Love,
Kyle, Missy Lynne (her name for me) and Little Miss/Tinkerbell (her names for Kari Lynne)

To view pics of us with her click here.

Kari Lynne Sleeping

Here are several pics of Kari Lynne sleeping. We thought it was fun to look back at her sleeping over the past month.

To view pics click here.

Papa B's Dental Office and Daddy's Pharmacy

Kari Lynne has already traveled quite a bit in her first month. We have been to Tahlequah a few times to see her Papa B and Nana T at the Dental Office. We have also visited Daddy at work and went to see the Tulsa Apothecary Girls too. Kari Lynne travels so well. She doesn't fuss much when in the car and often falls right to sleep.

To view pics of her at the Dental Office and Pharmacy click here.

Angela's First Visit

Angela and her friend Molly and her mom came to visit on Sunday, August 10th. Kari Lynne was two weeks old and we created a footprint and attempted to create a copy of her hand print while they were visiting. We had a great time sharing about little Kari Lynne and spending time together.

To view pics of the visit click here.

Kari Lynne's First Bath

After Kari Lynne lost her cord we got to give her, her first bath. She was so tiny at first it was hard to bathe her so we would give her a bath with a wash cloth on the counter top. She is growing however and now we are able to bathe her in a tub. Isn't she so cute! We loved bathing her and cuddling her afterwards in her towel.

To view her pics click here.

Monday, September 1, 2008

We Love Visitors

After Kari Lynne came home from the hospital we began to have an out pouring of visitors. We have had so much fun sharing our daughter with all of you. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Thank you for being so very patient with us as we update our blog and share all that is going on at the Panter home. The Lord has truly blessed us and we are so grateful. The verse that keeps coming to mind is Exodus 9:16.

To see the pics of all our visitors click here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

OK. So your wait is finally over! For all of you who have been begging us for pictures, we have finally figured out Flickr and uploaded over 200 pictures detailing the day Kari was born. Sorry it took us a while - there's not a lot of free time in between changing diapers and feeding bottles these days! Oh, and trying to get some sleep as well!

Kari is doing very well. She is a great little baby and doesn't give us too much trouble. She rarely cries or gets upset, doesn't spit up, and sleeps for 4-5 hour stretches at a time. She's amazing!

We count our blessings every single minute of the day that God brought her to us. We have a special verse we have claimed these past few weeks - Psalm 52:9. Believe us, we have been praising Him daily for what He has done!

Love to all!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Martha (Kyle's mom) made this quilt for Kari.

The afghan Martha made for Kari Lynne.

My mom Terri purchased a beautiful pink outfit.

My sister Kim, my sister's friend Nikki, my friend Emily, her mom Toni and sister Katheryn, my mom's friends Sheryl (and her daughter -in-law Megan) Patti, Patty, and Janet. all hosted a wonderful shower for us in Tahlequah! God is so good and He poured out His blessings on us!

Kyle's bosses' wife Robbin and daughter-in-law threw me a shower at Macaroni Grill.

The chair rail is up and the curtains are too!

Continuing to Prepare

Pink,Green, and Brown!

Peparing the Room

Here's a look at how the room has progressed over the passed several months.

January 2008

We believe that children are a gift from God and our story all began with prayer in January of 2008. Kyle and I had our last failed IVF (Invetrofertilization) prceedure in October of 2008 and we began to pray about what God might have for our future. We prayed Philippians 3:10 out of the amplified bible and we prayed specifically that God would bring us a teenage, pregnant, Christian girl. We cleaned out our spare bedroom as a step of faith and that same night God brought us a phone call about a baby. As we prayed for 3 months in the 3rd month we received a phone call about a young lady who was pregnant and considering adoption during the 3rd month of pregnancy. We had been praying for our baby since she was conceived.